Business Storage

Will this storage solution suit my business?

Yes, you can store just about anything, files, stock, tools, and appliances. From individual storage units to fully managed warehousing we are well placed to meet the needs of your business

Warehousing is an extensive business storage solution, where can you receive containers from abroad, where they will be quickly decanted, palletised, stored and then shipped to your location when you need them. Any reworking, picking and or packing can be carried out by us at a low cost, goods that require any reworking will be placed into quarantine area, secured from the rest of the stock, where they can be securely reworked.

Forklift trucks and trained operators are available on site to load and unload wagons and larger items.

Storage charges can be made on a weekly or monthly basis, and with no minimum term you are in control

All warehouses and storage units have easy access to the motorway network.

Stock control

Our warehousing is fully computer controlled; this allows us to track each item, its location and any other relevant information. It also give us the ability to quickly monitor goods in and out, space allocation and stock control.

Will my products be safe?

Yes. All facilities have insurance approved CCTV and alarm systems, giving you total peace of mind.

Stock Reporting

We can provide you with full stock and product history reports, goods in and goods out and any other customised reports you may require, this can include tailoring stock reports to match you current systems or operational needs.

Motorway access

All warehouses are located in key locations, with easy access to the motorway networks.

Warehouse management

All warehouses have a warehouse manager on-site, who will handle all your queries without you having to worry about the location or the managing of the stock control process. All the Warehouses have CCTV cameras and alarms system which we monitor 24/7. The conditions of the warehouse are monitored daily so we can keep our warehouses clean, safe and dry.

What do I do next?

If you would like a quotation for a solution that meets your business needs then call on 01282 866888 and one of our friendly staff will arrange someone to come and see you at a time convenient to you.


Email and someone will give you a call back to discuss your requirements.

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